Loving, Hunting, Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian RidgebacksThe Rhodesian Ridgeback is a beautiful, handsome dog. They got their names from the large ridge that runs down the middle of its spine which is always pretty noticeable. These breeds are known to be hunters and lovers. They like to be guardians of their homes and protect their loved ones. These dogs are from Africa and they used to hunt some bigger animals, but now are more likely to be seen hunting ducks or running alongside of you during a run.

Some people may get nervous about having such a big dog around their kids or even themselves. However, what you should know about the Rhodesian Ridgeback is these dogs are known to be one of the kid-friendliest dogs out there. Many families have reported to have had these dogs and that they are great with their kids. They will follow them around everywhere and make sure they are safe. Not only are they kid-friendly but they are also friendly towards strangers and other dogs. Often times you see other dogs going after each other, but Rhodesian Ridgebacks are pretty laid back and don’t typically like to be bad.

What you should know about Rhodesian Ridgebacks is that they have the highest prey drive out of all the dog breeds out there. They are semi easy to train, but it takes a lot of patience and practice to get their skills down, but when they do, they are great hunting dogs. Rhodesian Ridgebacks have high energy. So having this dog in your family, you want to make sure their exercise is getting in every day or they might drive you a little crazy. Whether your kids are taking them for a walk or you are taking them hunting with you, having that outside time helps a lot.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are completely lovable and want to make you happy. They’re easy to maintain as their fur isn’t long. They have a lifespan of 12 years and if you’re looking for a dog to play and have fun with and be a family dog or just a hunting dog, what you should know about Rhodesian Ridgebacks is that this dog is for really for you. They are totally loyal to you and will protect you and your family with everything they have.

Dog Lover Dog House Builder

walking my dogI’m a dog lover, always have been. For people like me, pooches aren’t pets, they’re family. With all family members we strive to make them as much a part of our lives as possible. We love when they snuggle up, go for walks, or runs for the less lazy among us. Part of developing a good relationship with a dog and making sure they’re healthy and happy is providing their own space, no humans allowed! After all, we place limits on where they can go—this is not your room!—even though they don’t always obey.

After pondering how to best address this question I said to myself, “You’ve been roofing in Milwaukee for years. Put your skills to use, this should be a snap!” That’s when the idea fell on me like a ton of milk bones. Leveraging my handy ways and my ultimate set of tools, I set out to build homes for hounds.
It took some experimentation to come up with designs that conformed to what worked best for the four-legged among us. Dogs come in sizes and shapes that vary far more than they do among us human folk. What works for a Chihuahua isn’t going to work for an Irish Wolfhound. Then there is the climate to consider. Residents of Florida who want their canine companions to stay comfy have different design specs than those in Wisconsin. Nor are cold weather dogs such as huskies going to require the same amenities as dogs like the Hungarian Vizsla, which lacks an undercoat and is more sensitive to colder temperatures. Conversely, a husky in southern climes is going to beg for some relief from the heat.

By enlisting the help of all my dog-owning friends and family I created a focus group to test out various designs and features to see what worked for dogs all across the spectrum, large to small, thick coats to thin ones, and shedders to wire haired types, making houses that stayed clean a priority. I was a hit, and I became Denise Jenson, dog house builder!

Milwaukee Humane Society

The Milwaukee Humane Society has been uniting pets with their new owners for over 130 years! Established in 1879, Wisconsin Humane Society now operates 4 shelters and serves more than 35,000 animals every single year. As a private non-profit the WSH relies on volunteers, private donations, and business sponsorships to bring about 10,000 pet adoptions annually. Roofing Milwaukee, a local roofing business, has been a proud sponsor of the Milwaukee Humane Society for many years.

The first humane society started in New York City by Henry Bergh after seeing the poor treatment of animals in major cities like Moscow, London, and New York. He founded the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in 1866. The WSH was established as a direct result of Bergh’s actions. Originally WSH was created to meet both the needs of people and animals but over time new organizations were created to help people and the focus was devoted purely to animals.

The majority of animals that come to WSH are volunteer surrender by the pet’s original owners. Usually, there is a financial hardship that makes continued proper caring for the animals difficult or impossible. The WSH also operates as the primary source for animal control services throughout the state.

There are a number of ways the local community can support the WSH. They can volunteer; the most pervasive need the WSH has is for new donations and fundraising campaigns and this is where the volunteer efforts are usually focused. There is a need for litters of kittens to be fostered until they are able to be adopted. And of course, there is the need for continued financial support. One of the primary focus of the WSH is to reduce the pet population’s growth by spaying and neutering. There are many pet owners who cannot afford the cost of the surgery. By providing sponsorships, individuals and businesses can give pet owners the opportunity to love and care for their pets, while not adding to the future burden of the Humane Societies shelters.

The Best Pets to Have in 2017

A pet brings a whole new dimension to a person’s life, requiring constant care and maintenance but offering its unique kind of love in return. Deciding on which pet to buy is a pretty big decision that demands a certain amount of deliberation, and to help you out on that front here is a look at the best pets to have in 2017 for an American.

1. Freshwater Fish

fishWith approximately 142 million freshwater fish being owned by the people of the United States, they are undoubtedly the most popular pet of choice for most, and it’s not difficult to understand why. They require very little care, are notoriously inexpensive, available in all shapes, colors and sizes, not to mention that their aquarium can also double as a decorative piece for the room.

2. Cats

catWith around 88 million registered cats in the United States, they are the second most common type of pet chosen by Americans and there are a few reasons for that. Once again, cats tend to require little care beyond feeding and changing the litter, bringing a soft and quiet sense of calmness to their home. While some claim that cats don’t love us the way other pets do, the truth is that they display and demand as much affection as anyone else.

3. Dogs

dogMost often described as our best friends, dogs are quite popular among pet owners in the United States, with estimates indicating there to be about 75 million of them. Dogs tend to be a bit more of a burden on their owners, requiring a tad of extra effort in terms of daily care and generally being more prone to conditions that force a visit to the veterinary clinic. However, that’s absolutely nothing when compared to the unconditional and energetic love they will always have for you, especially if you save them from a pound lot… after all, few things are more contagiously uplifting than a dog’s unwavering happiness.

The Rottweiler

ThRottweilere Rottweiler originated from the town of Rottweil, Germany and is said to be the result of interbreeding of various breeds such as the Roman driving dog breed, the English Molosser, and other local dogs contributed by soldiers from other places. During these times, the Rottweiler was a famed means of transport for stock meat going to the market.

The Rottweiler flourished as a herder and meat carrier, but when the railroad replaced the dog as means of stock transport, people ignored this breed to the point where only one female Rottweiler was left in the town of Rottweil. However, when World War I broke out, the great need for police dogs revived the interest of breeders to the Rottweiler. This time, the breed once again flourished and its uses extended to the battlefield and other military services and presently, it is used as a guide dog for the blind and in search and rescue operations.

If there’s a breed of dog that always gets the role of a fearsome beast, then that would often be the enormous, dark-colored and stately Rottweiler. For years, news and write-ups have circulated the dog- loving community about the allegedly fatal human attacks of this breed and these have discouraged people from taking them in as pets. However, this malicious hysteria is the result of man’s carelessness and improper treatment of the Rottweiler and not the breed’s innate characteristics itself.
Also called the Rottweil Metzgerhund meaning Butchers Dog, the Rottweiler is one powerful creature that possesses innate great herding and guarding instincts. It is regarded as one of the oldest, or presumably the oldest herding breed in the world. It is said that those stubborn stocks that the Border Collies and Kelpies cannot handle will be a perfect job for the Rottweiler because it has great and natural strength and innate style in gathering hard to control stocks.

This creature’s body has composed of an outer coat and inner coat wherein the outer one is medium in length, coarse and dense. The inner coat is not visible and has a longer hair on its hind legs. This breed’s color only comes in black with tan or orange markings on the muzzle, cheeks, throat, chest and legs.

Rottweiler Like any other dog breeds, the Rottweiler also needs correct training and proper supervision to bring out its best asset. In nature, this dog is good-hearted, affectionate, docile and sociable. It is calm and firm and has an innate need to protect and defend its master and his property.

This breed possesses a self-assured, calm and fearless appearance that some view it as fearsome. However, the Rottweiler is just another misinterpreted creature, and this outward appearance is just a clear manifestation that it is a courageous dog and protective companion. It is also never discriminating towards possible acquaintances and in fact, is open to meeting new people and animals, unlike other breeds that jump and growl at the sight of strangers.

The negative publicities of the Rottweiler do not erase the fact that this breed is one of the best breeds out there. If there is someone to be blamed for this breed’s misbehavior, it is no other than the owner who carelessly disregards the proper and real needs of the Rottweiler. If every owner of a Rottweiler is responsible enough to acknowledge the different needs of this extraordinary dog, then it would’ve received only all praise from people around the world.