About Us

My name is Denise Jenson, and I am an animal lover and animal advocate. As such, I work closely with the Humane Society here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you aren’t familiar with Milwaukee Humane Society or what it is all about, let me tell you. We are the “voice” for all animals, giving them protection, a home, and plenty of love and care. It just breaks my heart when I see or heard of an animal who has been mistreated. This is why I work so hard with the Humane Society, raising money so that we always have a place for an animal in need.

But most people think that the Humane Society is just for dogs and cats. Oh, contraire. If you or your little ones are looking to adopt a turtle, rabbit, or guinea pig, you’ve come to the right place. Either stop by or check out our available pets on our Milwaukee, WI Humane Society website. On our website, you can find out the name, sex, and if the pet is spayed/neutered.

Humane Society in Milwaukee also serves as a home for stray animals. If you have lost your pet, you could contact us to see if we have him/her. All animals at our facility are well taken care of. In addition to providing shelter and meals, we also provide veterinary services, including rehabilitation. We are all about the total well-being every animal that we take in. Our good work is the result of the generous people who contribute their time and money to our organization. A BIG THANK YOU!

Our belief is that no animal should be left behind. Whether an animal is brought to us, or we find a stray on the streets in the Milwaukee, WI area (or someone calls us with information on animals they think are being abused or they are seeing walking up and down the streets), The Milwaukee Humane Society is all about animals being treated like they matter. Even if some animals feel like no one loves them, we want them to know that the Milwaukee Humane Society does.