The Best Pets to Have in 2017

A pet brings a whole new dimension to a person’s life, requiring constant care and maintenance but offering its unique kind of love in return. Deciding on which pet to buy is a pretty big decision that demands a certain amount of deliberation, and to help you out on that front here is a look at the best pets to have in 2017 for an American.

1. Freshwater Fish

fishWith approximately 142 million freshwater fish being owned by the people of the United States, they are undoubtedly the most popular pet of choice for most, and it’s not difficult to understand why. They require very little care, are notoriously inexpensive, available in all shapes, colors and sizes, not to mention that their aquarium can also double as a decorative piece for the room.

2. Cats

catWith around 88 million registered cats in the United States, they are the second most common type of pet chosen by Americans and there are a few reasons for that. Once again, cats tend to require little care beyond feeding and changing the litter, bringing a soft and quiet sense of calmness to their home. While some claim that cats don’t love us the way other pets do, the truth is that they display and demand as much affection as anyone else.

3. Dogs

dogMost often described as our best friends, dogs are quite popular among pet owners in the United States, with estimates indicating there to be about 75 million of them. Dogs tend to be a bit more of a burden on their owners, requiring a tad of extra effort in terms of daily care and generally being more prone to conditions that force a visit to the veterinary clinic. However, that’s absolutely nothing when compared to the unconditional and energetic love they will always have for you, especially if you save them from a pound lot… after all, few things are more contagiously uplifting than a dog’s unwavering happiness.